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Silk Soles
Tahiyd (Douglas Ross) - DeviantArt
Tara Tied, Corsets and Corsetry
Tattooed-Nudes - DeviantArt
taurus-comix (Taurus) - DeviantArt
Tears for Audrey and Caning
Teen Spankings and Caning
Ten Amorette's Punishment Playhouse and Caning
Terras Temptations, Spanking and Caning
That Pee Girl
The Age Play Group Play and Littles
The Foot Fantasy!!!
The Freeze Files And Frozen, Living Statues
The Good Girl's Guide to Female Domination, Fetish Information
The Inflation Laboratory
The Love Of Leather
The Punishment Archive - Classic Spanking & Caning and Caning
The Punishment Archive Clip Store and Caning
The Stepford Girls And Frozen
The Tickle
The Zentai Project and Zentai
The-Latexsage (Jael Moore) - DeviantArt - Exclusive Spanking and Caning
TheWickedWoodshop: custom 3D carved wooden paddles Sales, Spanking and Caning
Tickle Cuties foot and tickling fetish store, Tickling
Tickle Torture From Boston!
Tickle Torture Fun
Tickler-kun (Alex) - DeviantArt
Tickling Challenges That Tickle Torture Beautiful Women
Tight Shiny Love and Zentai
Tightshop: Lycra Catsuits and Spandex Leotards and Zentai
TimR01 (Tim Rosier) - DeviantArt
Tnfootlvr (Jeffrey N) - DeviantArt
Toes In Action
Toes on Tour, Heels
ToesAndHeelsGallery - DeviantArt, Heels for streaming foot fetish video
Tokyo Zentai Club and Zentai
tomalee (Thomas Lee) - DeviantArt
Tomiko's Fetish Store
Top Flex Models: unbelivable bendy bodies Flex Bendy
tossinos222 (Tony Boss) - DeviantArt, Nudes
Touch My Wood: Shibuki Toro - Anthelian - Hand-Crafted Erotica and Caning
Tracy Jordan's World of Fetish And Frozen, Living Statues
Trazador (Al) - DeviantArt
Triple A Spanking and Caning
Triple A Spanking - AAAspanking and Caning
Turning To Stone Statues
Twins Osynovskie Gallery Flex Bendy